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From past month I was working on water tank level measurement using Ultrasonic sensor and Arduino micro controller for one of the biggest water plant.

Below is my journey from prototype to production for water tank level measurement and alerts with Internet of Things.

Problem: In industries where liquid (water or otherwise) is a part of the manufacturing process, it is often a stressful manual effort to monitor liquid levels or consistency of mineral / chemical components and/or control thresholds (especially in case of hazardous chemicals). Furthermore the entire monitoring process is open to risk and inefficiencies because it depends on a person physically checking gauges and tank levels. All of this is too cumbersome and also results in wastage of many types.

Solution: What’s a solution that can solve this problem in an accurate, highly efficient and cost effective manner? A smart combination of embedded engineering, communication interfaces and software which is also known as Internet of Things.


What and how is this possible? Read on to know more…

Step 1: Procuring needed Hardware?

Journey started with procuring an ultrasonic sensor and Arduino micro controller board and Ethernet shield.

Ultrasonic sensor works on the concept of Sonar, The sonic waves emitted by the transducer are reflected by an object and received back in the transducer. After having emitted the sound waves, the ultrasonic sensor will switch to receive mode. The time elapsed between emitting and receiving is proportional to the distance of the object from the sensor.




Step 2: Connecting different hardware and sensors

Started with below wiring configuration with Ultrasonic sensor and Arduino Uno with Ethernet shield. (Not shown LM35 temperature sensor for simplicity)


Arduino will act as a web client and will send sensor data (i.e. Distance measured from ultrasonic sensor) to Server and our custom web page will display the water level on web page.

Arduino will also send the temperature data using LM35 temperature sensor to server and webpage will display the temperature on webpage.

The Arduino node is configurable from our server and we can set threshold values and interval to send data to server from Arduino, configuration also give options to set maximum and minimum distance level of the Tank so the ultrasonic sensor with Arduino can be used with water tank of any height without changing anything with the circuit.


Step 3: End result and POC Demo

Below is the end result that can be deployed with a case on any Tank to measure the level and send it to server.


If you are still with me and interested in demo video visit:

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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